About Me

Hi Y'all! I'm glad you are here.

I look forward to meeting you. I’m discovering adulting isn’t as cut and dry as I imagined as a kid. My current posture is to remain curious and open to the world around me. Taking cues from my three chickens (kids) and always optimistic husband. They walk in wonder, graciously accept all people, are quick to forgive, and love with abandon.

I grew up thinking I’d go to college and a piece of paper would direct my path. Well, I’ve got a bachelors in Special Education from Ole Miss and an Educational Specialist and Masters degree in School Psychology from Mississippi State. These papers while valuable did not direct my future.

The unforeseen fork in the road was falling in love with my childhood best friend. He was already years into his military career, which scared the bajeezus out of me. The unknown. The fear of losing him in war. the difficult of moving and always making new friends. It has been more difficult than I could have imagined and more rewarding. Cliche I know.

This life changed my career path. The moving was exhausting for job hunts and licensing. I know I could have stuck with it but new doors opened and my curiosity led me to follow.

I’m currently a few years into creating my own career as a photographer. It was a hobby for several years. I’ve always been one to spend energy on artistic interests. Dance, theater, painting, and crafting. Photography took me by storm. It was the best combination of people and art! I’ve taken online classes, worked through books, trial and error, and invested.

Photographs are treasured in our home. The chickens room has a wall of family portraits from great-grandparents as babies forward. We connect to our family history through photos. The images from our first homecoming from deployment are some of my most treasured. It was a time in my life I didn’t think I could survive, literally. That homecoming showed me I can do hard things when I rely on God and the community that surrounds me.

We have now entered a new season in our family life. Justin and I are both full time graduate students. Justin at University of Texas, MBA and me at Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary pursuing a Masters of Divinity, i.e. be a pastor. I am trying to find ways to include the gifts of photography in my ministry. If you have an idea I’m all ears!

My reliance on community was a major life lesson I learned from this experience. I’m energized by connection. Getting a chance to know you: who you are, what motivates you, scares you, who you love. Energizes me.

Photographing another person is a vulnerable experience. When I photograph I want to show you the beauty, love, strength, and resilience I see. That God sees. Every person, every family, every couple, every tiny new baby is unlike the last. Each is wonderfully made. I’d like to show you what I see through my lens. (Oh you read all that, thank you – now I want to hear your story!)

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